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Cincinnati 207 MK

Universal Milling Machine

207 MK

Machine Summary

Machine Ref: 1819
Manufacturer: Cincinnati
Model: 207 MK
Description: Universal Mill Table 59.5" X 13.75" DRO
Electrics: 3
Price: £4750.00

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Equipment and Features

Power Feeds & Rapids All Directions

Dual Imperial & Metric Dials

Hand Feed to Horizontal Spindle

Newall DP7 3 Axis Digital Read Out System

Machine Specification

Swivel Table Size: 59.5" x 13.75"

Long Travel: 30"

Cross Travel: 17"

Vertical Travel: 27"

50 International Taper Horizontal Spindle & Support

50 International Taper Swivel Vertical Head

Serial Number: 13J23U1ABE-27