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Ajax Proton AJPR 220 / AJPR 400

Mini Cnc Milling Machine

Proton AJPR 220 / AJPR 400

Machine Summary

Machine Ref: 3002
Manufacturer: Ajax
Model: Proton AJPR 220 / AJPR 400
Description: Mini Cnc Milling Machine X = 220mm or 365mm
Electrics: 1
Year: 2022
Price: £0.00

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Equipment and Features

Cnc Control: Siemens 808 D

240V - 1 Phase ( or 415V - 3 Phase )

Cutting, Drilling & Tapping

This range of Ajax vertical milling machines are built to a high quality standard . Only the best products are used, high quality is a must.

Our New Proton range of CNC Milling Machines are designed and aimed at the mini mill market. The entry level AJPR220 has windows on all 3 sides to enable students to see what is going on easier, it has fully enclosed guards to ensure safety at all levels and it keeps the chippings off the floor.

It also is small enough to go through a single door on its own wheels and when you have gone through the door you can plug it into a standard 3 pin plug socket making it so easy to relocate to where you need it. It comes with an industry standard Siemens 808D CNC Control system that will contour in 3 axis simultaneously.

I can be programmed directly in ISO G Code or via a conversational platform so ideal for many uses. Ajax staff can advise on the best option for your classroom, garage or workshop.

Ideal for the more serious hobby milling machinist, or for training in schools.

Machine Specification

AJPR 220 or AJPR 400

Table Size: 400mm x 140mm or 660mm x 210mm

X Axis: 220mm or 365mm

Y Axis: 120mm or 215mm

Z Axis: 200mm or 345mm

Rapids M/mm: 5 or 15

Main Motor Power Kw: 1.1 or 2.2

Tool Changer: None or 8 as an Option

Max Table Loading: 75 Kg or 200 Kg

Machine Weight: 320 Kg or 1300 Kg

Motor Servo: AC Servos

Spindle: ER25 or BT 30

Spindle Rpm: 3000 or 8000